All-in-one installation failure

We downloaded and unpacked the “all-in-one-bundle” into a directory on a Centos 6.7 computer, then ran the “axelor” executable. The command returned without apparently doing anything at all, and without any message.


Have you read this ?

Good Luck, I don’t know more.

Thankyou, Denot - those were the sort of things I was expecting to have to do. It would be helpful if anyone in the know can explain exactly what the “All-in-one” bundle actually does; the implication of the documentation is that you just unpack the bundle, run the axelor executable, and this start a GUI which magically loads all the components you need for an Axelor installation. There is a cryptic note at the top which says “For the moment, the app bundle only works on desktop systems”, but I have no idea what that means!

I don’t know “where you are stopped”.

If you know docker, you can have a easy and fast instance :
But if you are new on linux/container … forget it.

Do you know what is localhost ?
When you have installed it, you just have to connect on the page localhost. Do you have something ?
Try to found some log during/after installation for understand where there are troubles

for “bundle” or “all-in-one”, you will see after the installation, you will just have to select some app (accounting, sales, invoices … you can take all it’s not a probleme).

You can use the demo Axelor online

And if you can’t handle a secure/update OS, install/update/backup Axelor, you should just ask to a professional because if you lose your data after few months you will responsible (not Axelor or the forum).

Thamkyou again, Denot. “Where I am stopped” is quite simply I unpack the "all-in-one " tarball, run the executable ./axelor, and come back immediately to a command prompt with no output, no messages, no logs, nothing - as if I had run a script where the first line is “exit 0”.
The documentation says “The All-in-One app bundle is the easiest way to try Axelor Open Suite without any setup or system changes” - the implication is that the “axelor” executable will automatically download and install any database and java packages it needs to continue with the axellor installation.
But perhaps that information is false - you do need to either install the necessary software or a container image first. But if that is so, then why does the documentation not say so?I am quite happy to go down the route of installing postgre, java etc. myself, then installing axelor from a WAR package, which is what I was going to do in the first place; I am just very curious about what seems to be misleading information about this all-in-one bundle.

Hi there,
I think you place the whole axelor structure in a system folder like C:\Program File. Because of security aspects, the system blocks the start of the program. Try another path like C:\Users<your_accountname>, for me, it works! (note that the initial setup will take a while).


Thankyou, Patrick. I deduce that you are running the procedure on a Windows server, so maybe the all-in-one method only works for Windows. In any case, we have changed to using the source code (GitHub) installation method.

Regards, Tom