Axelor LDAP


I have connected Axelor with my Unicention Corporate Server.
The LDAP connection is working, and I have no errors when a user is logging in.
But unfortunately axelor is not crating any users or groups nor is transferring the email address - the user is just created when it logs in the first time. Attached is my LDAP configuration - thank you verry much for your help in advance

# LDAP Configuration
# ~~~~~
# server URL (SSL is automatically enabled with ldaps protocol)
auth.ldap.server.url = ldap://
# use StartTLS
#auth.ldap.server.starttls = false
# SASL authentication type: simple (default) / CRAM-MD5 / DIGEST-MD5 / EXTERNAL / GSSAPI
#auth.ldap.server.auth.type = simple
# maximum amount of time that connects will block
#auth.ldap.server.connect-timeout =
# maximum amount of time that operations will wait for a response
#auth.ldap.server.response-timeout =
# system user
auth.ldap.system.user = cn=axelor,cn=memberserver,cn=computers,dc= anything,dc=de
auth.ldap.system.password = supersafepassword
# group search base = cn=groups,dc=anything,dc=de
# a template to search groups by user login id = (uniqueMember=uid={0})
# user search base
auth.ldap.user.base = cn=users,dc=anything,dc=de
# a template to search user by user login id
#auth.ldap.user.filter = (uid={0})
# define the user DN format
#auth.ldap.user.dn-format =
# define the id attribute = uid
# define the username attribute
auth.ldap.user.username-attribute = uid

BR Bernd