Flags on create a new group

Hi everybody, what’s the purpose of the flag ‹ Technical staff › in ‹ create Groups ›, it gives some special permission?


yes of course , on the demo data only the ADMIN group have this to true . The users of this group can modify the settings of axelor ( permissions, … ) . I suppose that the adminitrator module is only for the users of a group with this flag cheked .


In addition to the information provided by @bDurtaut, users of a group, which has this flag active, can notably:

  • modify current views
  • see current models
  • benefit from technical information, in addition to the functional information of form field tooltips (technical information can disturb functional users)
    In testing it can be used for other groups, but in production it is strongly advised to only leave this flag set for the technical administration group.


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