Installation d’axelor erp

Que dois-je faire avant d’installer l’erp axelor tout-en-un?

install tomcat 8.5.c, before that java 8,

According to the Axelor Documentation, the prerequisite of installation were * OpenJDK 8, Gradle 4.4.1 and Postgre SQL 9.4. Which should be installed first the prerequisite or the tomcat then java? Sorry Im not an expert.

it’s java 8 and postgres 12 for development, java 8, tomcat postgres 12 for production

postgres 12 is maximum version however you can install 9.5+, 10, 11 and 12 too

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Thank you for that! What are the differences install from WAR, Source and docker? and from your own opinion, which are the best among the those?

docker is easy but outdated, source is for change in Java code, and war is what we use in kubernetes

we build war using GitHub action, than push to aws ecr, and restart deployment of kubernetes cluster

we manage application properties from configmap and use NFS based storage for assets like images etc

That helps. Thank you!