Missing class error on system launch

I’ve installed all prerequisites and the system itself, but when starting I see an error in the terminal which prevents the system from starting. It says that details can be found in the container log and when I go to this log which is called localhost-something, I see some errors with stack traces.
The first one has the cause which states « Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: javax.xml.ws.Service ». The following one states « java.lang.RuntimeException: Guice is not initialized. ».
Obviously there are missing libraries, but in the WEB-INF/lib of the system I see both javax.xml.something jar and guice jar.
So what’s going on?

Hey, guys!
I need some backup here!
Or is it your way of forcing me to move to paid support before I even start using it?

Hi @Electroman, maybe this link can help you.

Unfortunately this isn’t helpful for my case, because:

  1. I’m not installing from source, but from WAR
  2. The error described there is database-related, while in my case it is library-related.

Instal on Windows, linux ?

Linux, based on Debian 11.

Sorry i have instal it only on Windows

It doesn’t matter what operating system is. This error points to some problem with library loading. I need to understand what it is.

Have you seen the installation video?

I haven’t seen the installation video, but I’ve read the installation manual and followed it precisely (with the addition of database creation step, which was missing from it).

Can you tell us which version of Postgres, Axelor framework, Axelor Open suite and Java version are you using ?

I have PostgreSQL 13, Axelor is 6.5.1 as far as I remember, whatever framework is inside that Axelor version, and OpenJDK 11.

It’s weird because you’re using the good java version with good AOP version and you are seeing the lib in your WEB-INF folder
Maybe trying to copy/paste javax.xml libs in the WEB-INF/ folder to /opt/tocat/lib with right chmod and restart tomcat can solve your problem.

AOS 6.5.1 version works with AOP 5.4 and as you have consulted in the 3rd post of this post topic , with JDK8, but not with JDK11.
Only the upcoming AOS 7 version will work with AOP 6.1 and JDK11

Is it so? I’ve read somewhere on the forum or in the blog that developers were moving to JDK11 and it has already been in use for some time now.

What I’m sure of is that AOS 6.5.1 works fine with JDK8, since I installed it recently.
But maybe Tomcat/Java experts were able to override these recommendations

So AOP 6.X is never used by AOS ? It’s only for developing right now ?

It’s a mess. I’ve checked out their docker image before and saw commands which included JDK11. And now I checked out version numbers and understood that this image includes only the platform, but not the system itself. And the image which does include the system hasn’t been updated for 4 years now. And this one does include JDK8, but one can’t find out whether it still does after 4 years.



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Sweet. Except it’s the one they don’t recommend for production, so I didn’t look at it before.
So I need JDK8. I wonder where do I get this now when it’s no longer included in the distribution. And Oracle bastards have erected a loginwall. Now OpenJDK is not at all open.