Multiple axelor instances

Hello. Can we install multiple instances of Axelor on one server? If so, then apart from the database settings in WEB-INF/classes/, does anything else need changing? Do I need to install each instance in the same way, following the WAR deployment instructions, or can I simply copy the application - in which case, how can I initialise the database?


You can have multiple axelor webapps which are connected on the same DB (on tomcat/webapps, have “axelor-1” and “axelor-2”.
You can have multiple web server connected to the same postgreSQL DB. You just have to deploy the WAR on multiple tomcat instance.

Thankyou, Eli. It is more likely we will want different databases(for different clients, and for live/test databases) I just wondered if there were any issues with e.g. session variables or password hashing, but I assume there will not be.

Ok, I understand.
I think it’s not possible yet.
Why don’t use different webapps where each app use different database’s schema ?

Sorry, Eli, I was not clear - yes, that is exactly what we intend; multiple instances of Axelor (which may or may not contain identical versions of the code) in different directories, with each instance configured to point at a different database.

I am just trying to compare Axelor deployment to things like SugarCRM and Laravel, where each instance of the application has a unique “salt” value in a configuration file, which stops different sessions getting session values and cookies mixed up. But it sounds like there is nothing like that in Axelor?

No problem :slight_smile:

For me, Axelor don’t have that. Me, I have 2 apps on same tomcat server, running on same DB and everthing works well.