Namecolumn attribute for a field


Just to be shure: can you confirm that if a field is a many2one relation, values displayed in the form (as a combo) is values of the related domain field that has a namecolumn attribute to true ?

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Hi, at least this is the behaviour I’ve so far… I guess I can confirm.

Also, the nameColumn can be made more significant with thing like this:

<string name="nomComplet" namecolumn="true" search="adresseL2,adresseL3,adresseL4,adresseL5,adresseL6,adresseL7" title="Adresse">
			return adresseL4 + " " + adresseL6 + " " + adresseL7 + " " +adresseL8;


Great, Thanks for your reply

To complete @alci answer, reference fields (ie m2m, o2o) will display either the namecolumn field (if defined), else they display the name field if exist. If none of these fields are define, id is displayed.

Great, thk u for these details

is there any way to make this ‹ complete › field transient, so you don’t have to save it to db?, i tried but without any success. I even tried to specify two fields with namecolumn=true but it doesn’t work.


@ZeeshanAhmad please can you please check

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Hello @federicocanzonieri .
You can do it by defining a field formula=true .
It will be a a complete transient field.

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