Production and test system on one server

We are evaluating to introduce Axelor in our marketing company. We plan to have one system with the final configuration and real world data and another instance where we can try out things and play with dummy data. I’m sure we will produce a lot of trial and error data in the beginning and we don’t want to “pollute” the live system. Both systems should not effect each other.

  • Would you recommend to run two seperate Axelor instances on one server? Is there a best practice on how to do it?
  • Another possibility: I read about the multi-tenancy feature which sounds good but has the limitation to not support the scheduler. Isn’t that a major restriction for a production system or should I not worry? Is multi-tenancy the right choice for what I’m trying to accomplish?
  • Worst solution would be to have to separate servers with one instance of Axelor.

Which solution would you recommend? How do you run two different instances in your company?

Thanks in advance and have a good time!

I don’t know if you will have answer for every point you ask in this forum.
I’m not a developer, are you ?
Axelor is available with docker here :
very easy to use for a testing version (I have one on a simple Virtual machine).
I have a developer for my production version, so I can’t explain you how he doing it.

documentation :

In this forum, you have some who explain how to install on ubuntu :

Good luck !


Thanks for your answer but actually I already have Axelor ERP installed and running. Everything is fine.

My question is: what’s the best way to set up a second, parallel instance on the same VM.

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