Reuse an existing field


I would like to reuse the assignedTo field of the task module but when I do that I have the existing field which takes the same value as the one I added, except I would like the two to be independent (can take different values). Could someone tell me how to do it? Thanks.

  <extend target="//panel[@name='newPanel']">
      <insert position="inside">
        <field name="assignedTo" readonlyIf="project == null" colSpan="6" canNew="false"
          canView="false" canEdit="false"
          onSelect="action-project-task-attrs-project-assigned-to-configurations" required="true"
          form-view="user-form" grid-view="user-grid" />

I specify that the other field has the same name suddenly since it is logical, as I wish to use it, but without the changes of values ​​being carried out on both at the same time.

If your two fields have the name, it’s impossible that they have different values and there are displayed.

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Ok, which means I’m forced to recreate a unique field that does exactly the same thing as the existing one. To be able to assign them different values.

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I have experience that you can have dummy fields

dummy fields? that’s to say ? Would you have an example ?