A few general questions


I am studying BPMS systems for my corp. After looking at the surface of Axelor I have some questions which you may kindly elaborate on:
Does Axelor use some other BP engine like Process Maker?
Although there is a web GUI to create a BPM diagrams (or app eventually) I was unable to do so. After filling up fields a message was telling me to correct the workflow although it looked ok. Couldn’t get a grasp of what is going on there.
The getting started page, when I browsed it was talking about editing schema files! I expected a tutorial on how to use web UI or something.
In short I want to see how easy forms (fields, validation, model) and workflows could be configured in Axelor. Actually an IRC could be really helpful.
I should note I am a full stack developer love coding but real potential users in our office may not like coding as much as i do.

welcome to axelor, which version of axelor web app you are using ?

Version: 6.0.13