About documents module / file loc

hello, is there a way for us to create folders created in axelor on the server as well? because the folders created are actually virtual folders, and 100 folders related to our project and the files contained in them are being revised or new ones are being added daily. when we get an incremental backup, it becomes very difficult to manage because it comes from a single folder on the axelor side.

In my default installation all documents are in tomcat axelor temp folder . The repositories ( like where is this folder?) is only on database ( [dms_file] table ) with is_directory field to true ) . I dont know how to change directory on server .

thanks for repy, our sıtıatıon lıttle bıt dıffrent. we manage 5 project ( ı mean 5 dıffrent constractıon sıte) and they have specıal areas, every area have dıffrent floors, each floor have dıffent rooms and each room have 5 dıffrent folder.( mechanıc, electırıc etc) and they add new rev fıles there. also our purshage requests workıng dıffrent we need many prınt forms and we need to upload folders to server wıth sıgnatures… as mın 5 gb data change per day on server. ıf ı use some 3 party sofware for backup fıles, ı cant manage ıt. ıts looks lıke we need new modules or for fıles other software…

and maybe you know about fıle dırectory, you can change on application.properties fıle and where you want your fıles be there, any dısk or sometıng else