ABS 5.0.1 - Dev mode seems to be ignored


I just installed the last release of ABS (5.0.1) but when connected as admin I do not see the “customize” button in view and model detail (action, object, view) is not displayed when over a tab header.

The application.mode property is set to dev.

Thank you for your help.


This rely on the [Technical staff] checkbox in user’s group and not on application.mode property. Check the field to see the button.

Hi @p.belloy,

I’m confused, since the beginning of my stuff on ABS I thought that this feature was activated by the application.mode properties.

Maybe in the next release you should update the com.axelor.meta.loader.ModuleManager to add adminGroup.setTechnicalStaff(true); at line 445 to enable this feature by default like in previous releases ?

Moreover, I just wonder why you hardcode this group instead of importing it ?

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Yes, that’s here since the beginning. The original commit is based on the [Technical staff] checkbox : https://github.com/axelor/axelor-development-kit/commit/c54a55b3e5fabcfc0257a3fe5899232f0b75417e#diff-c304cda453c857d795882703a96d1253R562

That make sense, I will add it.
But I don’t have in memory that Technical Staff was true by default for admin group on ADK. I think it was done by ABS itself.
BTW, ADK only provide minimal configuration for a simple and minimal app ready. Any extra and custom settings should be manage by the business app itself.

Good question :slight_smile: I think this is historical.

Great, thank u.

Maybe for a first install its a good idea to have this fieature enable by default, but finnaly if you prefer to keep it disabled just add an explanation in the doc :slight_smile:

On my side I do not remember that the first time I installed ABS (5.0.0 rc0) I checked this box [technical staff]. Maybe it was the case, in fact it doesn’t care.

Thank you for all

Best regards

Yes, that box was checked previously by ABS data-init import on axelor-base module . But it have been remove recently.

I will check with the team.

Great, thank u for that

@femtonext we have fixed the data-init import on ABS. admins group will be marked as [Technical staff].

Thank for the report

Great, thank you very much

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