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My goal is to be able to override/add some js or img (and replace the application.properties) inside the generated WAR and at the end of the build to be sure to override file added by ADK (like axelor-web).

In my custom module (located in modules/abs) I have created a src/main/webapp directory where I put some folder and files. But when a build ABS using gradle my files are ignored and not added to the WAR.

I saw a task copyWebapp(type: Copy) inside the axelor-admin build.gradle file with a comment//XXX: this task should be removed when we introduce per module webapp support in adk.

So I wonder if the “per module webapp” is supported by the ADK 5.0.1: if “yes” why my webapp folders/files are ignored ? if “no” what I need to do to acheive that ?

Thanks for your help


Modules aren’t consider as “web modules” and not fully supported and integrated by ADK 5. So any files in src/main/webapp are ignored. The copyWebapp task will add or overwrite web resources during the war task : This is a workaround. Only src/main/webapp files of the main application module (ie abs-webapp) will overwrite web resources.

Ok, thanks; I’m sad. Hope this feature will be added soonly :slight_smile:

It will be really usefull if you need to add some pictures, html, js, etc. in a custom module. Nowaday, you need to add them manually after war generation. It’s not a problem but time consuming.



I just want to add that if anyone wants to create a community module and if this module need to use a dedicated jsp or js file it will not work and it will be really complicated for an end customer to add this module to it’s solution.

Thus, do you have the “per mobule webapp” support in your roadmap ?

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