Access custom fields of nested objects

Hi, I have added a « servicePrice » custom field to the « Product » model.

Now, I want to show this field on the SaleOfferLineList grid, on the Sale Offer view.

I have added the field with no success by modifying the view « sale-order-line-grid » as follows:

<grid name="sale-order-line-grid" title="SO lines" model="" edit-icon="true">
<field name="product.$attrs.servicePrice"/>

What is the correct way to do this?


Make sure that the servicePrice attribute, updated in the model, has been updated in the BDD service_price column in the public.base_product table (you must at least stop and restart the server and perhaps even rebuild the application ?)

Then in view
<field name="product.servicePrice"/>
should work, after refreshing this view only.


I was trying to configure the product using the « custom fields » section, I would like not to touch the code and rebuild the application.

Would it be possible to access the field this way, being stored in a json field (attrs fiels of product)?

Many thanks for the response