Accounting configuration is missing for Product:

hello , i need to know how to set default value for product accounting. tax, purchase etc details.i added one product with accounting details but i cant see this on other products details.
if its possible i want to set default value for each product (when i add new products)
how to set accounting details for any product cz i cant see what i add


You can select only those account for Purchase account which are active & having same company & Technical type in related Account Type will be Charge / Debt / Immobilisation

Thank you.

thank you its worked. and is it possible to make default value for each products ? for example,suplliers have some default value for Invoicing/Payment tab details.
why i need such thinks, we will not going to calculate tax, bank or other details on accounting,

ps, we planed to works mutli company,


It’s depends on requirement which value you want as default value. You can set it whenever required. Like when you save that record, etc

Thank you

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