ActionView Filter only archived records

Hi All
How to filter only archived record for ActionView ?

ActionViewBuilder actionView =
ActionView.define(I18n.get(“Historic colleague Archived Timesheets”))
.add(“grid”, “timesheet-grid”)
.add(“form”, “timesheet-form”);

actionView.domain("(self.statusSelect = 3 OR self.statusSelect = 4)");


What is your “statutSelect” ?
I did it with <domain>self.archived = true</domain>

Hi @matthias
statusSelect is timesheet status (approved, refused)
Already tried it!
There is that add archived is null or archived = false.
I want to add archive criteria. it seems not possible passing it in domain.


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This class
Line: 145

You make me read the doc further ^^

 The action view requires following elements:

    <view> - specify the view to use

        type - the view type

        name - the view name

    <view-param> - define additional view parameter

        name - parameter name

        value - parameter value

    <domain> - specify a domain filter to restrict search (jpql where clause)

    <context> - define the base context for the action

        name - context variable name

        expr - context variable value expression

The <view-param> parameter name accept following option :

    forceEdit - force to open in editable mode

    showSingle - show the only record in form view

    showRecord - show the record by given id in form view

    reload-dotted - whether to refresh the grid when switching back from form view

    showArchived - whether to include archived records

    search-filters - name of custom search filters

The answer is :

<view-param name="showArchived" value="true"/>
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I used that solution.
I also was looking to job Java side. However it’s work perfectly.


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