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Hello, why does Axelor detect that advertising blockers are being used in the browser? I did a local test installation on a VM to learn more before proposing it to the company and this caught my attention. Why is it detected? Is there information that Axelor tracks from each installation? or any backdoor left in the code?

To be distributed with GNU Open Source license and apart from 100% free of use for anyone who wants it for the purposes you want (without considering guarantees or commercial or support), I would call it a lot if that were the case.

From now I thank you and I remain attentive to your comments and by the way thank you very much for this tremendous development and give it to the free use of whoever. Hugs

No, axelor doesn’t track anything. Adblockers are known to slow down webapps by intercepting all client server requests. The test is done to warn users so that they can disable adblocker to improve app responsiveness.

Thank you very much @am-axelor for your answer and clear explanation. And I am very grateful that applications like this (with nothing to envy to those of market monopoly and privatized) are not only opensource but also free software in all its extension.
This allows to give entrepreneurs control and management over the ventures or to deliver it even as a direct local service to different clients who need business platforms.

Embrace and grateful.

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