Add a contact to a customer

Hello, I am trying to add a contact to a client via insomnia in « contactPartnerSet » with this JSON code but nothing is happening, does anyone have a solution?


Yes no … I mean it should be that simple but it’s not.

I write a lot of post in this forum about this kind of « add » with request.

To add a contact like that. I think you have to create a contact at first. (so a PUT request)
Then, you will specify the id of this contactPartnerSet in the partner with a UPGRADE (POST + id)

Thanks for your return I created a new contact and i added the client in « mainPartner »

But there is still nothing in « contactPartnerSet »

I can’t do some test right now. but before tonight.

think that you have to specify the version of you partner when you update

POST partner

contactPartnerSet: id (of your know partner)

The relation have to be on both way.
Like what happen here :

I’m still stuck, I tried that

You need to update the version you are sending to Axelor. So 2 must be 3.

thank you the query worked

But why does the addition not appear in the contacts?

The addition ? You mean the international prefix ahead the phone number ?
I think it depend the way you inserted the phone number in your request. Show us

I’m not talking about the phone number, normally when I add a contact to a client the apparent contact in CRM → contact, or there when I add it on insomnia the contact adds on the apparent client not in CRM → contact as in the picture above