Add "RealQty" Column to Product Grid

Hello everyone,

I would like to modify the View of the Product Grid (Manufacturing>Product) adding a column reporting the RealQty value.
I would like to see the same value I can look to opening the single product, in the superior Right corner, as “RealQty” widget.

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my current view:

you can edit view, but it will be only in dB, you can extend view in your own module


Did you manage to put the realQty in Product ?
Because I have the same problematic as you and I cannot find the answer.


Hi Emeline,

honestly I concluded that was not easily feasible, so I drop it out.

Instead I completely moved the problem in a easier enviroment: python
Essentially we are exporting the « full backup » that create all the .csv for the tables… we then implemented all the elaborations we wanted on that, generating reports out if them

I know it is not the solution to our question but… I didn’t find anything better

Have a nice day

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I can tell a easy solution to it too if you feel comfortable for additional column or attribute on product level

also if you doing all export there is one realtime solution exists too named debezium

it adds extra stack but it will make your life comfortable for large scale data too