Adding a color field to a project

Good day sirs,

I am currently modifying the axelor-project module.

Is there a best way to implement a colorStatus field that will be an enum of four diffrent value of hex colors and would like to make a block of div with backgroud-color of a given hex value indicating the color status of the project?

I added a field on Project.xml:

but somehow I could not get the value of of project.colorStatus which is suppose to be a hex value.



The bast way is to create a String field in your domain that point to a selection:

  1. add the field in your domain
    <String name="colorStatus" selection="my.color.status"/>
  2. declare the selection inside a view
    <selection name="my.color.status"> <option value="#FF0000">RED</option> <option value="#00FF00">GREEN</option> <option value="#0000FF">BLUE</option> <selection/>

Now, you will see RED/GREEN/BLUE as labels in your form and you can retreive the hex using the field value.

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