ADK 5, menu entry does not appear


I am trying to use ADK to create a little application of mine… I have followed the tutorial and:

  • forked axelor-demo
  • cleaned up axelor-demo specific code
  • created an app and a module
  • created actions
  • build and run

I can log into the app, my database is populated with my newly created models, BUT… I can’t see my specific menu entries (defined in app/modules/mymodule/src/main/resources/views/Menu.xml as described in the tutorial)

Where should I look to find my mistake ?

from the webapp, I checked Model and View Management, and my specific models and views are created. But nothing appears in the All Menus or All Actions sections.

Hi @alci

There may be several reasons for this. For debugging, I suggest you to check the logs during deployment and you should see the error. Most of time, this is due to a wrong model used on views/menus/actions or a typo issue in the model name. Else, check if the file is loaded. There sould be a line like this :

com.axelor.meta.loader.ViewLoader        : importing: file:/home/axelor/opt/tomcat/webapps/myapp/WEB-INF/lib/mymodule-1.0.0.jar!/views/Menu.xml 
com.axelor.meta.loader.ViewLoader        : Loading action : ...

Hi, it was indeed a typo in the model name. Fixing it solved the issue.
Thanks a lot.

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