Agenda problem

When I make a new meeting and set it to the team « Agenda »:

And set an user to the team, I can not see the meeting in the « team.calendar » in the CRM. I only can see the meetings that I Assigned to. What can I do or what do I wrong? Can someone help me? Thx :slight_smile:


If the current user is a member of the team “Agenda”, you should be able to see the meeting in the team calendar.

In V4 sometimes you need to refresh the page of the web browser to see the meetings in the calendar.

Hello admin,

I can see the meeting in the list of meetings (as users) but not see the meeting in the Team calendar overview. (I’m using 4.0.0 I guess)

Also when I refresh maybe I did something wrong.

Steps I did:
-Make an Axelor user
-Make a team (« agenda »)
-Submit the Admin and the user to the team
-make (as admin) an meeting on the team calendar and put the event to the team « agenda »
-login as user
-see noting on the team calender :frowning:


Your steps seems right. I just checked on 4.1.2 and it is working.

What version are you using exactly ?

You can find the number of the version in « About ».

1 « J'aime »

Yes it works :smiley: Tanks I use now the Instead of the 4.0.0.

Now my version on About is:
Axelor Business Suite - Axelor Entreprise Application Version: 4.1.0
Axelor SDK Version: 4.1.4

Is this the last version? And is there for the admin an update tool? If not, where can I find documentation about update/upgrade to make this function to contribute to the Axelor community?


And do you know if it possible to connect the agenda (and contacts) to an other agenda server? For example caldav and carddav?

Hello I’m also interested in syncing our own caldav server (hosted with synology app) Did you manage do use it for caldav server ?

The last ABS version is 5.1.6

Can’t find anyway to customize icalendar to use “/caldav/” path instead of “/dav/” anybody knows how can I edit this ? Is it possible to add another calendar type without compiling ?

I don’t think so. This feature is inside the ADK so u need to create your onwn version of the ADK and to include it when compiling the ABS using --include-build gradle param

how can we add button duplicate between these two button since the global user interface (calendar)? Capture