API Authentication - SSO , OAuth , Basic

As per the documentation it states API Authentication only session based.
Is it possible to Invoke API’s from external application or PostMan using OAuth ,SSO,base authentication (not using session based authentication) ?
Any sample code/documentation /configuration would be helpful for the same.


Hi @rmalani

I think this is exactly what you are looking for :
OAuth : https://docs.axelor.com/adk/latest/dev-guide/modules/security.html#oauth
OpenID : https://docs.axelor.com/adk/latest/dev-guide/modules/security.html#openid-connect
BasicAuth : https://docs.axelor.com/adk/latest/dev-guide/modules/security.html#basic-authentication
SAML : https://docs.axelor.com/adk/latest/dev-guide/modules/security.html#saml-2-0
CAS : https://docs.axelor.com/adk/latest/dev-guide/modules/security.html#cas
LDAP : https://docs.axelor.com/adk/latest/dev-guide/modules/security.html#ldap

I too am trying to access Axelor web services using OAuth. As Rahki, says, the documentation clearly says that such services uses session-based authentication only. If this is wrong, then clearly the documentation needs updating. If it is right, then it makes a nonsense of the reply from the Axelor team. The documentation on « security » is not very helpful - it gives examples of configuration, but does not tell you which configuration file it is talking about. In any case, if I understand the situation correctly, the documentation is talking about OAuth (and other) clients, i.e. mechanisms for communicating with services on external servers. What I (and, I think Rahki) am after is the ability of an external client to communicate with Axelor web services using Oauth (etc) protocols.

I now realise that I have been looking at the wrong version of the documentation. The documentation which states that web services are limited to session-based authentication is for Axelor version 5.0. Unfortunately the current link (in the Community drop-down) on the Axelor home page points to this version. You need to check that you have selected the correct version, and change if necessary

My Problem is kind of solved now with latest version as it support basic authentication for external API invoke also.Yet to check for OAuth.

Thanks…Team Axelor.