App is not loading

I have setup Axelor 5.4.9 but the App is not loading. My WEBROOT is /OPT/TOMCAT/WEBAPPS. I have tested with INDEX.HTML and Sample INDEX.JSP files, it loads fine. I have extracted all the WAR contents of 5.4.9 into my WEBROOT, please provide some guidance to get the App to fire up.

create ROOT unzip in ROOT folder rather in webapps

Hi Sid, thank you for your quick response. I extracted the WAR file on my local computer and did a SCP to my UBUNTU server. I did this because I was not able to extract the WAR on the server nor TOMCAT was self extracting it. Now the unpacked WAR is sitting directly on my WEBROOT. That the INDEX.JSP and WEB-INF is sitting on the WEBROOT. Kindly note, if I place the default Tomcat INDEX.HTML in the WEBROOT, it is picked up and the default Tomcat page shows up. But I am not able to get ERP page fire up. I am surely missing some bit.