Assigning a serial number (qr code) to each of the products

Hi everyone,

i need to assign a serial number for each product in stock.

for example, the t shirt product has blue, red color variants and there are M, L, XL size variants. I have to add a different serial number for each variant. how can I do this.

that serial numbered product will be used in stock transactions (sales, transfer, etc.).


a « sequence » should help you assign a « code » (part number) to each product.
Sequences can also generate serial numbers for sales and manufacturing.
Sequences and bar-codes are set up in the Base module configuration.

hello, thanks for your reply. however, this can only be used when adding products one by one. what I need is to create a separate serial number for each product.

I can explain this briefly as follows. for example i have 10k tshirts , same model, same colour , same size etc… i will need 10k serial number for each tshirt.