Axelor 5.0 setup issue Win10

I am trying to install axelor version 5.0.2 and I would appreciate your assistance as I have been struggling with this for about 3 weeks now.

I followed the installation steps on windows 10 x64.
I am using Tomcat 9.0.10 and Postgres 3
I increased the tomcat file size upload to 250 Mb.
After I deploy the war file and start the application Tomcat is loading indefinitely.
The log files don’t show any errors at this point. (I had authentication errors before when the application failed to start but since I fixed them, the logs haven’t recorded anything).
I thought maybe there was a time required for the DB to build up but when I display the DB activity it’s always the same thing and it doesn’t seem that anything is being written to the DB.
here is the database activity will the tomcat is loading

If you follow the guide install from source and make sure you set your paths (How to set JAVA_HOME in Windows 10 | Java Tutorial Network) and finally if like me you were getting errors about memory, increase it in tomcat.

Stop tomcat, start > wait a moment and you will see in PGAdmin transactions happening on the database.
Goto localhost:8080 (provided your WAR was called ROOT)