Axelor 7.0.4 UI responding too slow

I have created a simple page on a axelor app with a form approximately 400 input fields . I have not defined any actions on this form. After I change the value on one input field when I click any other field it takes approximately 5 to 6 seconds before I start typing. The same behaviour is not happening with a regular form with few input fields Is that an expected behaviour?.

Welcome @taniyer

It is possible that the performance of your application is affected by the large number of input fields present on the page.
By splitting the form into panels, you could make entry easier for the user and improve the performance of your application by reducing the number of input fields displayed at once. This would also help make the form more organized and intuitive for the user.
This could reduce response time and improve the overall user experience.
Feel free to try this approach and see if it improves the performance of your form.


Thank you very much @PakMax for the quick response . I originally started with organizing or grouping the input fields into many panels that each panel was not having more than 10 input fields. It was suffering with performance as well. When I further analyzed with chrome developer tool I realized it is the rendering that freezes after I change the input value. If I am not changing any input value re-rendering is not happening. It looks like the underlying react UI component triggers some default ‹ onChange › event and I understand there are no attributes to prevent it. Ultimately most of my input fields doesn’t need to watch/trigger any events. Max of 3 inputs need to be bound with ‹ onBlur › javascript event which I don’t have any exact equivalent in axlelor. .

Thanks & Regards