Axelor docker postgresql issue


I run the aio-base docker with docker-compose up but the has to run service start postgresql which means I can’t have my own PostgreSQL service on my host machine.

I can’t figure out how to bind the port so that my docker container can use the PostgreSQL service running on my host machine.

Is there a workaround? Because it’s really annoying to stop the host PostgreSQL so I can run Axelor docker…



I probably misunderstood your problem, but in the Postgresql container you can run your applications in resource-isolated processes. Even with the same listening port 5432, as the IPs are different, there is no conflict.

To connect to your RDBMS, you can retrieve the IP address of your container using the following command:
docker inspect <NAME_OR_CONTAINER_ID>
For example under Linux
docker inspect <NAME_OR_CONTAINER_ID> | grep -i ipa

Hope this can help you !

I don’t know why, but when I created this issue, I couldn’t run PostgreSQL on my host and on Docker due to a port conflict. It works this time, so it must be an error on my side, sorry for the unnecessary post.

Thanks for the clarification it did help.

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