Axelor documentation on Github


Do you have planned to publish the technical documentation ( on a Github repository?
It’s would be great that the community could help and contribute because there are many miss and there are hardfull part that can be improved.

What do you think about this idea ?

Thank you,

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A very good idea

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What a fantastic idea !


Interesting idea. I never thought about sharing the code of the project documentation

But I don’t think that a good idea for this case. For me, I won’t help because of git commit (I don’t handle it).
Maybe a better option if they open the wiki on the github projet ?

We can try to seperate the 2 documentations to answer differently.
The community write on github for tips and tricks, and let them complete the docs.axelor
They just have to refer of generic informations, and let us handle « news » and « how to do »

With all versions Axelor have, with all modifications it hard work to handle all the documentation by the community. It will be more easier to update tips and tricks than the documentation for us (I guess)

They are some topics in this forum who can be add directly on the github.
I work on one more (VAT configuration)

My suggest is to categorize the github :

  • installation (config server, docker, require …)
  • a good start (what you have to know, avertising, how to start properly …)
  • modules (description for every module, start configuration …)
  • optimize configuration (tips and tricks advanced …)
  • API

OR (another subjection), they install a Xwiki on this link and with request in this forum « we » authorize new peoples to help us to for write a documentation of Axelor.

Have a good day !

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Thank you for your answers.

I think the first thing to do is to improve the documentation. It misses a lot of examples in java code and screen/gif to show a functionality.
For example my coworker and I must read this repository on github when we need real examples because it not well explained. It make lost us a huge amount of time everytime. I think the documentation should be have more step by step solutions, code examples or « how to do » like mentioned before.

Truly, this issue causes that if company want to have a more precise documentation, they create internal Axelor’s documentation and the knowledge is not shared.

Have a good day