AXELOR in education


I think AXELOR is a perfect tool for education, both regarding business and technology.

It would be great if college and university users and educators who are using AXELOR for teaching ERP and MES systems or interfacing it to other software or machinery would come together to show and discuss their lectures.
Probably, AXELOR could open and support a separate subforum for it?

To make a beginning, here our info:

University of Cooperative Education Gera-Eisenach, Germany

On the Campus Eisenach:
Mechanical engineering and Mechatronics study programme (2nd and 3rd study year, Bachelor of Engineering):

  • Teaching how to integrate an ERP/MES system with real production machinery
  • How to organize and operate production in digital factory szenarios

Depending on the results, we even could include it into our master programmes.


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Agree 100%.

I suggested a discord or slack here : Présentation - #2 par dtneo
the answer was : « A community channel, it is not excluded but it is not planned for the moment. »