Axelor mobile app: only grey background

I have just installed Axelor 6.1.4.
Installed mobile app on android, launched it.
I have inserted right credentials and url but now I get only an empty page with gray background.
What can I do?

hello , do you have instal mobil module and add mobile functions on it ?

Yes,I am pretty sure I have done it.
Can I connect the app to axelor demo site? Which is the user?

Hello , i suppose it s not possible .
On your own installation , you have to configure a user ( impossible to connect admin user on mobile app) with the good rights , and add mobile functionalities on mobile module .

Do I need https? Do I need a domain? Because in my test server I am using that is the ip address of the Axelor server

no https HTTP like that

Name is the name of the instance tomcat deploy app