Axelor Modules


I am using the AXELOR software, I would like to know how to activate or deactivate the “Messenger” modules.

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You can’t delete the messaging module, but you can hide it.
If you go in the menu Administration/View Management/All menus, you have access to the list of all menus. You can look for the menu you want to hide (in this case you can look in the column title for “Messaging”) and double click on hit. Then in edit mode, you have to click on the checkbox “Hidden”.

You can also deactivate the messaging button “Send email” on some views (for example sale orders) in View Management/All views.



thank you very much for your reply, I managed to hide the concerned elements. I have just received an email telling me that my account is temporarily frozen, can you unlock my account so I can create a new topic?

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