Axelor v7.0.0 - April 28 2023

Hello community !

Axelor published v7.0.0 5 days ago : Release v7.0.0 · axelor/axelor-open-suite · GitHub

I would like to talk about news about this version, stability, user experience …

Who already try it ? What can you share ?

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Hi all,
I’m also taking this problem
How to install axelor v7.0.0

I dont have time to configure a new VM with the new tomcat version , java , postgreSQL …

I have try it, it’s great. but the module addson source code can not find in Github.
btw, a suggest: can we add action to custom dataset type, the action can set data to custom data
for example:

  • <dataset type="rpc"></dataset>
  • <template>
  • <dataset type="action">eportToday-action</dataset>
  • <template>