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I have a .sqlfc file to reload an axelor program database. I don’t know what to do with it? Can anyone help me ?

.SQL or sqlfc ?

Hi Siddique,

it’s actually a .sqlfc and that’s what confuses me, and apparently it’s a binary file.

I have a loadDatabase file in the project where it is marked this:

# Database Dump Storing Path


Database Dump Name

DUMP=« nameproject.sqlfc »

Location of sql migration scripts

SCRIPTS_PATH=« src/main/resources/scripts »

I found it’s a custom format dump…

oh, no one can judge, issue solved,?

yes thanks Siddique.

Hello, sqlfc is a very usefull format to create backup.

You can restore a database using a sqlfc file with this instruction

pg_restore -x -O -d yourDataBaseName -v yourFile.sqlfc

we can do this without the extension

Thank you Pierre, the order was good.

Thanks siddique.

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