Best Practice: Shipping Cost


i’m currently in the process of getting used to the system and have a test system with all modules and test data as well as a blank system installed. i’m now trying to play through a purchasing process from purchase order to accepting income and creating a stock move.
Here i’m trying to figure out now, how to include shipping cost into everything. i thought of creating Product objects that can be added to the PO and/or invoice.
within the test data i couldn’t see any way how shipping costs were handled there.
Additionally when i create a new product, i can see a checkbox called “is shipping costs product”. what does that mean? I thought of using this option but it only works for products, not for services, which means there’s “stock details” available for this product, which can’t be on stock.

So what is the best practice for including shipping costs? Is there a way that i haven’t found yet?

thanks in advance

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Use 'Sales -> Configuration -> Shipping Cost ’ menu to create new shipping cost product, keep only service type to avoid creating stock.

will it distribute expenses per item??

@wereworm, did you find a good practice for you. Can you share?