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I have a question regarding the bill of materials component entry. Specifically, how to edit the Priority field. I use the example below. The 055- part has a sub-BOM, and I can double click on it to edit the Priority.

This is the pop-up window for a part that has a sub-BOM. It allows me to change the Priority field.

The other three components do not have sub-BOMs, so when I double click on one of them, I see this window:

There is no option for me to change the Priority field. Can anyone kindly help me learn how to change this field value?

Thank you so much :pray:t3:


This is how Axelor works.
« Define sub bill of materials » is only accessible when the « Product Subtype » is different of Component

In « App Production configuration »,it seems that there is nothing to configure this point.
If you really want to override this check regardless of « Product Subtype »,
In the « bill-of-material-line-form view »,

Delete :

  1. action-bill-of-material-attrs-product-def-sub-bom, in onLoad
  2. hidden=true in subProcessConfigurationPanel

Save, then refresh only this view and then test.

Warning: It’s a short-term fix.
This modification will persist as long as the production application version is not modified.
In the case of a new version of the software delivered in production, the current modification will be lost.
To integrate this modification in the next release, a developer must integrate it into the relevant xml file of the application sources.

Hope this helps you.

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What does « Define sub bill of materials » actually do? What is its function specifically?