Bills of Materials

Is it possible to use one Bom to many production processes. If yes, how?


In a Bill of Materials (BOM) management system, it is not possible for one BOM (Bill of Materials) to have multiple ProdProcesses (Production Processes) due to a « many-to-one » relationship between them. In this context, « many-to-one » means that multiple BOMs can be associated with one specific Production Process, but each BOM can only be linked to a single Production Process.

The relationship between BOM and ProdProcess can be visualized as follows:

  • One ProdProcess (Production Process) can be associated with multiple BOMs.
  • However, each BOM can only be linked to one specific ProdProcess.

This constraint ensures that each Bill of Materials is uniquely tied to a single Production Process, maintaining clarity and consistency in the manufacturing or production workflow. It prevents confusion and simplifies the management of materials and processes, making it easier to track and execute production operations efficiently.

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