Binging parameter loop

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to setup Axelor on a Gcloud Sql platform.
I have my PostresSqlGcloud instance, with sql proxy access.
Server does not seems to start, so I tried to turn all the logging
Everything seems to be runnning smoothly, but I have « Binding parameters » that seems to be looping (or taking some time). It changes from more than one our now

Can’t check if it’s a real loop or taking huge time, does anyone have the same problem ?

can you share more logs like from start,

There’s nothing in localhost since I shutted down the server, but here you got for the start

If you need more I can provide, thanks a lot for your help

the last few lines showing that network timeout, can you check if you can connect with pgadmin or dbweaver etc ?

I think it’s just about Hikari support, because I can perffectly dialogate with my bdd with Datagrip or PgAdmin

can you downgrade tomcat 8.0.x