BIRT pour axelor

je cherche a personnaliser les devis et factures,
aves vous une méthodologie, tuto ou autres pour me guider dans ma démarche ?
(modifiable directement dans axelor ??)

j’ai rien trouvé sur la documentation d’axelor.
merci pour votre aide.

BIRT has its own GUI and report design can be placed in any folder, settings is available in app prop

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without explanation or tutorial, I fear that it is impossible mission.

nothing to worry about, it will not hurt any single thing, you just have to setup BIRT as standalone and once satisfied with your new design changes, push the .rptdesign file in your own folder and update in views according to your need

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how can i test my design in BIRT befor uupload it on axelor
is there any free collection *.rptdesign for axelor???

yes there are many you can see under resources/reports folder not report

2ndly yes you have to provide it same connection string as in app properties

can’t connecte to my database.
my configuration :
axelor on server (ubuntu) and i m connecting to my server using SSH .
axelor on

to try toconnect birt to my axelor database, i use Database settings (ligne 10 to 13 in
i don’t know if im wrong to do like this

SSH ??

share both IP your and server and firewall if any

you can hide actual IP user name and password

i use putty to connect to my server( ubuntu)
i try to connecte jasperreports too.

connexion test with Jasper reports : OK
Connexion test with BIRT faild with the same informations… lol

where can i parametre jasperreport to replace Birt in axelor ???

Hi, sorry for bringing this up. How and what tool did you used to make this? I’ve been struggling here. Thank you so much.