BIRT Report Quick start


It seems that a short operating guide on BIRT is expected by some AXELOR users.
I tried to do a quick start on BIRT relating to its use in AXELOR.
Please find the following two documents below:

If you wish to explore other points in depth, this document can be consolidated.


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Very good job , thanks a lot

Excellent !

very good job, awesome :kissing_heart:

Awesome job! Thanks @PakMax

thanks for the awesome information.

Hi there, am runnung Axelor in Intellij IDEA. is it possible in IntellijIDEA? or i have to install Eclipse?
is there any other solution to do it with Intellij IDEA?

Hi @aza, review IntelliJ IDEA :: Axelor Documentation.



Although I am not familiar with IntelliJ IDEA, it seems that it does not natively integrate BIRT, like Eclipse. You can create and manage your BIRT reports in Eclipse, then integrate the .rptdesign files into the application developed under IntelliJ IDEA.