BPM module

I Installed Axelor Community 4.0 and looking for the BPM tool. Is it included in the package?

You can find one part of the BPM tool in Axelor Community 4.0, which is already in the auto-installer. It is the « Studio » module in the application.

It is the « graphic » part of the BPM. This module add tools to create or edit Axelor modules directly from web interface without writing codes. It will helps to create essential elements of a module like models, views, menus, actions, reports…etc. Also provides tools to create workflow (business process).

You can find the « technical » part of the BPM, for development, on our github. https://github.com/axelor
It is Axelor Development Kit (ADK), an open source Java framework for business application development.

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Thank you, I found it in the auto-installer as you mentioned. But I’m trying to install from the ZIP file for two reasons: First is that the auto-installer download option is not displayed in the English version of your web site (I just saw it in the French version); Second is that I make an unattended installation using Docker. Any chance that the Studio Module could be added to axelor-business-suite.zip ?

Thanks for noticing, the auto-installer should be on the english page too, we will correct this.
There is only one version of the auto-installer, the application is in english or french for the moment, you can change the language directly in the application.
About adding the Studio module to axelor-business-suite.zip, you can do it using the github sources on the wip branch of axelor-webapp, axelor-business-suite and axelor-process-studio.
I hope it is clear, tell us if you need more information.