BPM - Putting Context in Expression on title

Hi All,

When I put saleOrder?.saleOrderSeq as a Context, it works fine.
But when I change to Expression, the value won’t appear and the above will appear as a string.
I guess there is a need to use delegateexpression or similar to trigger evaluation.

I tried the following but all appears as string
FullContext(saleOrder, saleOrderSeq)
evalExpression(saleOrder, saleOrderSeq)
processTitle(saleOrderSeq, saleOrder)

Any advise on writing the proper code?



If I understand your situation correctly, it seems you are attempting to insert a variable value from the context into a title expression. Unfortunately, the current functionality may not support this action.

For obtaining values from the context, you can use « $fieldName » to access them directly or « ${MainField.FieldName} » if the field is a dotted field. But this is not supported within the title expression.

I trust this information is helpful. Should you require any further assistance or have additional inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Best Regards,