BPM Tool full feature?

Hi all,
I see the BPM tool in axelor is very nice, it can be integrated BPM and ERP that is very good idea and imazing things but when i use Axelor BPM tool and compare with demo.bpmn.io i see some BPM componant is missing.

I take two picture and attacted!

Dear xiongbk;
can you solve this problem ? I have the sam issue.
thanks in advanced


See change.log
6.1.0 (2021-10-14)
• BPM: Axelor BPM feature
New module that allows management of business processes by using BPM2.0 standard. It adds features to create, deploy, run, edit and monitor the entire business process.

AOP version 6.1.2. now manages the symbols of BPMN diagrams managed in BPMN.IO

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