Build from ofline source


I m newer in axelor community,
how I can build project from existing source without internet connection ?



To create a project you need to download first the ABS & ADK from Github. When done you do not need to have internet connection to build your self project.

Just to understand, why you need to be offline ?


After downloading first time you have to build ABS and ADK (with internet connection), without build it will not load dependency libraries.

Thnx for your replay,

@femtonext We need to ensure that the product is very open source and we not depend with any compiled library without source.
Axelor is very good ERP product, easy to use and fully customizable, we need to see something before asking for the partnership.

Please check header of LICENSE text on ABS and ADK. It says

Axelor is published under the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3
(AGPLv3), as included below. Some external libraries and contributions bundled
with Axelor may be published under other AGPLv3-compatible licenses. For
these, please refer to the relevant source files and/or license files, in the
source code tree.