Build from sources error

Guys, I am struggling on trying to build Axelor 7 from sources since 5 days now.
I tried different configuration :

  • OPENJDK 8 / 11

My own machine (Windows 10) / Virtual machine (Windows 10)…
The documentation is outdated :
And the tutorial that i was following last week ( is no longer available.
Is anybody facing this issue please?

Hi @claudiucotan I recommend you install yarn v1.22.19 and node.

hi @rcarreon-autronic thank you for your answer, how can i install yarn inside git scm?

@claudiucotan sorry I don´t know, try from Installation | Yarn

@rcarreon-autronic thank you, as i can’t waste more time on this, i tried to build it inside an Ubuntu VM.
And it worked.

Again thank you for your help.

Once i have some spare time i will put in place a community wiki pages as i am not fully satisfied with the official outdated and unconsistent documentation.

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Just remove CI=false(this word only)

3 J'aime