Build path issues in eclipse - jdbm & Entity class

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I am trying to setup ADK in my eclipse ide as mentioned in the README in the repository. I executed the required gradle commands and imported the projects to eclipse. Following are the build errors shown in eclipse.

Project ‹ axelor-core › is missing required library: ‹ /unresolved dependency - apacheds-jdbm1 2.0.0-M3-SNAPSHOT › axelor-core Build path Build Path Problem

Entity cannot be resolved to a type /axelor-gradle/src/main/java/com/axelor/tools/x2j line 70 Java Problem - (more than 30 repeatition)

Following the specifications for my dev env.

ADK branch - master (tried 4.0 also)
Eclipse Kepler

Attached the screenshot for your reference.

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Sanoj Kumar


The Entity issue is gone once I updated the groovy plugin and then change the compiler level to 2.5. But I still cant figure out the issue with ‘unresolved dependency - apacheds-jdbm1 2.0.0-M3-SNAPSHOT’, should I add this as an external dependency in Eclipse? Any help appreciated.