Can Axelor send 'Late payment' reminders to the clients by email?

Can Axelor email ‹ Late payment › reminders to the clients who have unpaid Invoices? How can this be set up?


You can use the debt recovery process to generate ans send an email / sms for the clients with unpaid invoices.

You can define the strategy to reminder the clients through the
Accounting >> Debt recovery >> Configuration >> Debt recovery method in order to define the different steps with conditions.

Then, you have to associate a debt recovery method for each partner categories :
Application config >> Apps management → Accounting app, then open the Account configuration details per company. You can define the Debt recovery method to use for each partner categories in the tab « Receivable recovery ».

Once this configuration done, you can run the batch to compute the client balances, and call the different actions defined in the debt recovery method.