Can build abs: could not find method spotless()


after pulling latest updates in abs project, build falis with the following error:

Could not find method spotless() for arguments [build_5ehxw4t3xrc4wo0zhume5bdk2$_run_closure2@7dce56c0] on project ‘:modules:axelor-production’ of type org.gradle.api.Project.

Moving build.gradle out of the way in axelor-produciton does not solve the problem, the same error appears in axelor-project.

Any idea of the source of the problem ?

Thanks in advance,


From which repository you fetch the code, Master ?
Check that in your build.gradle file inside the ABS dir (not the module dir) your have

apply plugin: "com.diffplug.gradle.spotless"

Check here:


@alci if you have you own fork or clone of abs-webapp, please integrate the changes on build.gradle file from

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Thanks, this did the trick !

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