Can I save Employee Profile Image to specific folder?

I want to save Employee Images in a separate folder but not in MetaFile folder .
Is there any way to do it ?

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I think you need to try to edit the action that store the image, creating a new path for those.

@fabiobottan Thank you for the response ,
But this action apply on all the images(MetaFile). I only want to store employee images aside.

As I store QR Codes in other folders.(But this action is written by me not axelor developers)

I understand You can try to manage on which Axelor entity the MetaFile is related.

I want to manage db.Employee.

In axelor meta files are saved regardless of physical folders, but if you need to change it, you can listen to metafile save event and move the file to new path, but keep in mind you have to adjust the function to display that.

my suggestion is that save in virtual folders, and if you need to manage it you can write service function which will help you to further process

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