Can we get js source code of Web App modules

For example, the project module have two extra Webapp :planning and project. all the javascript code was compiled.
!function(e){function t(a){if(n[a])return n[a].exports;var r=n[a]={exports:{},id:a,loaded:!1};return e[a].call(r.exports,r,r.exports,t),r.loaded=!0,r.exports}var n={};return t.m=e,t.c=n,t.p="./",t(0)}(function(e){for(var t in e)if(,t))switch(typeof e[t]){case"function":break;case"object":e[t]=function(t){var n=t.slice(1),a=e[t[0]];return function(e,t,r){a.apply(this,[e,t,r].concat(n))}}(e[t]);break;default:e[t]=e[e[t]]}return e}([function(e,t,n){n(336),e.exports=n

can we get the readable source code, so we know how to modify and interact with backends



Js source code is now included in the axelor-open-suite modules since AOS v7